Audit Monitoring Committee

For the timely settlement of audit paras, Government have constituted Audit Monitoring Committee at the District and Statelevel vide GO(Rt) No :2121/07/LSGD Dtd : 04.08.07.  The Committees verify the audit paras in detail before submitting Audit Report to the Local Fund Accounts Committe.

Extracts from G.O (RT) No.2121/2007/LSGD 04.08.2007 are as follow:

It has come to notice of Govt. that local self Govt. Institution are not taking any interest in furninshing prompt replies to audit queries/objection and in taking remedical action for the objections inculde in the audit report.  This has resulted in accumulation of audit reports and audit paras. Local self Government institutions are not taking timely action against the persons resposible for the lapses pointed out in Audit.  Hence the Acounant General, (Audit) finance department and the Local Fund Accounts Committee have suggested constition of Audit Monitoting Committees at the District and State level for timely settlement and clearance of Audit paras.

District Lelvel Audit Monitoring Committee.

  1. There shall be a Distrct Level Audit Monitoring Committee each for settlement of audit paragraphs of all auditing agencies in respect of Grama Panchayat/Block Panchayats and Municipalities.

  2. For Grama Panchayat, the Deputy Director of Panchayats, Assistant Director of Panchayats, Deputy Director of Local Fund Audit, Aduit Officer from office of the Accounant General (Audit) and the District Finance Officer incharge of the Finance Inspection shall be the members of the committee.  For Block Panchayats, Instead of theDeputy Director and Asst.Director of Panchayat the Asst. Development commissioner (General) and Assistant Development Committer (PA) shall be the memmber of the committee in the place of DDP, ADP and ADC’s.

  3. The DDP/ADC (General) and RJDUA respectively shall be the Convener of the Audit Monitoring committee of Grama Panchayats, Block Panchayats and Municipalities and the Committee shall be convened once in three months at such places as decided by the DDP/ADC/RJDUA.

  4. Details of number of Audit Reports, pending paras, pending details of Panchayats not submitting replies in respect of different audits, shall be prepared by the representative officer of various types of audit, and copy of the same shall be given to the DDP, ADC (General) and RJDUA sufficiently in advance.

  5. The Audit Monitoring Committee can summon the Secretaries and Implementing Officers of the local bodies concerned which are not responding to audit promptly in giving replies and taking remedical action and explanation can also be called for-for non-submission of replies and for not taking remedical action based on points.

  6. In the Monitoring Committee Meeting the details of pending paras along with remedical action taken for settlement of audit paras shall be discussed and suitable decisions shall be arrived at.

  7. The decisions along with suggestion/recommendations and detalied report or pending para of the Committee shall be forarded to the Director of Panchayats/Commissioner or Rural Department and Director of Urban Affairs.

  8. The Director of Panchayats/Commissioner for Rural Development and Director of Urban Affairs shall constitute a separate cell in the Directorate and Commissionerate under the Supervision of a senior officer to deal with the work relating to Audit Reports of various agencies.

  9. Wherever necessary, district lelvel officers of various departments may be invited by the Committee to discuss Audit Reports pertaining to various departments.

  10. The cell formed as above shall, take suitable  action for settlement of Audit Paras based on the report from the District level Monitoring Committee and an action taken report shall be prepared once a quarter. The report shall include the details of pending audit Reports and Paras, action suggested by the District Lev el Committee, action taken by the Director/Commissioner and the details of paras and reports settled and details of action taken the defaulting Panchayats/Municipalities and further suggestions/recommendations for clearance of paras. The Action taken Report shall be submitted to the convener of the State Level Steering Committee once on four months by the Director of Panchayats/Commissioner of Rural Development/ Director of urban affairs.

  11. District Planning Committee Chairman shall be the Chairman of the District level Audit Monitoring Committee.

State Level Audit Monitoring Committee

  1. There shall be a State Level Audit Miniotoring Committee for settlement of Audit reports and Paras of various agencies.

  2. The Principlal secretary (LSG), Director of Panchyats, Commissioner of Rural development, Director of Urban Affairs, Director of Local Fund Audit, Senior Deputy Accounant General (LBA) State Performance Audit Officer, Additional Secretary (Finance Inspection Wing) and Deputy Secretary (A) (Local Self Govt.) shall be the members.

  3. The Principal Secretary (LSG) shall be the Chairman and the State Performance Audit Officer shall be the Convener of the Committee.

  4. The Committee shall be convened once in four months based on the order of the Chariman.

  5. The Senior Deputy Accounant General (LB Audit), State Perfornmance Audit Officer, Additional Secretary (Fin) and Direcgtor of Local Fund Audit shall give a detailed report showing number of Aduit Reports and Paras pending in Panchayats and Corporations and the promptness in getting replies and the attitude of Local Self Govt.  Institution towards Audit.

  6. The State Level Committee shall discuss on the ATR submitted by the Director of Panchyats, Commissioner of Rural Development and Director of Urban Affairs and the Report received from Sr.DAG, SPAO and DLFA in respect of Zilla Panchayats and Corporations and suitable decisions would be arrived at.

  7. Wherever necessary, the Secretary and Implementing Officers of Zilla Panchayats and Corporations may be summoned by the State level Monitoring Committee for failure in submission of replies or for taking remedical action on audit points.